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Vogue Professional Electric Nail File


Whether you are a professional nail artist, manicurist, or someone who gives pedicures, you know the value of a good file. However, doing things by hand is time-consuming and your work backs up. Today we’re going to solve this problem for you as show you an electric nail file that can get the work done in a fraction of the time that it normally takes you today.

These are quality products and in one case can even double as a dental drill as this is how precise and powerful these units are. Having electric nail file in the salon, Spa, and for at home use where it can also cut your time getting ready to go to work, as well as beautify your nails and even deal with the latest in acrylics and artificial nails.

So whether you’re a professional or someone who just loves doing nail art and getting your nails done just so. We offer up our selection of one of the best that you can find on the web today.

After you finish reading our thoughts on them, you’ll be able to select the exact electric nail file that fits your particular needs and your budget as well.

Vogue Professional ® Nail Drill File Electric Manicure Pedicure

Designed with the pro in mind, however, this electric nail file system can be used for private use as well. It comes equipped with a foot pedal, which controls everything while you make beautiful nails a reality with your clientele, friends or yourself at home.

Built for years of use, you will find that this is one of the best electric nail files on the market today.

Vogue provides you with the best precision nail file that shapes buffs, and cuticle remover around and a true crème de la crème product that leaves all the others in the dust.

Precise control and ease of use make it the first choice of salons, professional nail artists, and people in the home as well. Now you can all a piece of precision technology that ensures perfect nails for manicure or pedicure whatever the mood or your clientele request.

The Power

This nail file uses both domestic 110 and foreign 220-volt systems making this a truly international tool that goes where you do. It doesn’t matter, whether across town or across the world.

How portable it is

Designed for the salon as well as home it rests at a workstation and at a convenient distance to work with. It can be packed into a Nail Tech carrying case and taken to where your work is. Making it great for Fashion picture shoots and movie work.

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The Accessories it comes with

The Hand unit has a protective bag so you can detach it and take it home at night or pack in all together and carry it with you when you make home visits. It can use any 3/32 bit and is fully compatible with Medicool Bit Sets.

The Quality

Vogue has been making quality fashion products for 35 years and this electric nail file is just an example of what they can do. So precise that even dental clinics use the same handset for their dental work.

The Speeds

30,000 RPM with a variable speed control box that allows you to control precisely what this electric files doing to give you spectacular results in the salon or in the home environment.

The Cord

With a flexible and coiling cord, the handset retracts to put it out of the way when not in use and yet it is long enough to be used in any position by left or right-handers.

What the owners have to say

  • No vibration!
  • My Kupa burned out. The Replacement was too high. So, I bought this one. Boy am I glad I did. For the cost alone I can live with replacing it every few years if need be.
  • Lots of power. You wouldn’t slow down when you hit a tough spot
  • The pedal control makes my work a breeze and the RPMs make working in Acrylics a dream
  • Great drill at a Great price too!
  • A single twist and you change bits. Powerful I have only had to use it a third of the way up to do my work
  • Love the work it does!
  • Quieter than my last drill and no vibration that can crack a nail or finish
  • Sands and shapes Acrylics with ease
  • You are getting a real deal on this one for the price
  • I would definitely buy again
  • Low noise and powerful to boot
  • I wish it came with tips. But otherwise it’s a fantastic buy
  • I was surprised at what it can do
  • Fits your hand perfectly
  • The easiest drill to use I’ve seen
  • Works in the salon and when I make house visits just as easily
  • I’ll take Vogue over all the rest any day
  • The results are spectacular, to say the least

Final Thoughts

Shaping nails, the old-fashioned way is time-consuming and errors can occur too easily. With this electric nail file, errors and mistakes are minimized or eliminated. Creation of perfect nails is done quicker than ever before.

You have seen one of the best that is offered today on the Internet and depending on the type of work, you’re doing as well as the small amount of money you have to spend to purchase it.

You will easily get a return on your investment that is worth many times more for the amount of work it will enable you to do. The Vogue Professional easily fits into your workaday life and fulfills all your needs as well.

Getting beautiful nails is now simple and easy to do. You no longer have to spend hours shaping and filing to get the right style that you want. Even the new acrylics surrender to the ministrations of these powerful and yet, lightweight machines.

So if you want to get beautiful nails and have manicures and pedicures that are at the top of the class buying one of this nail file system is your ticket to beauty and glamour all rolled up in one.

April 24, 2016 |

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