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Toe Nail Art Designs. Do It Yourself!


Lots of people are in the market for easy toenail art designs. The toenail art of the twenty-first century is truly enviable for a lot of people, and they want to be able to mimic the attractive designs that they see in image searches online or in blogs on the subject. However, most of the step by step designs on the subject reveal that these designs are rare for a reason.

Best Toe Nail Art Designs

It is genuinely difficult for people to be able to replicate these designs on their own and if they are, they are going to have to follow a complicated and intricate process of painting, polishing, and designing with nail charms in their own right. However, there are lots of other easy toenail art designs that people can use, and these will often give results that are comparable to what people can expect from the really complicated toenail designs. Here, people can learn all about a few of the toenail designs that can be done quickly and with minimal equipment.

Loofah/Fish Net Toe Nail Designs

Some people will see lovely fingernails and freshly pedicured toenails that look as if someone has painted on delicate scales. They might wonder how much time it took for people to craft each individual scale, and whether or not these scales could possible be replicated. However, in some cases, these people might have gotten the alligator purse pattern by using a loofah in a way that was clearly never intentional for the manufacturers of loofah products.

Essentially, this involves painting a loofah. People just need to place the loofah so its fence-like material is pressed against their nails, and then they will paint over that. In order to get the right contrast, it is a good idea to paint one’s nails a solid color first, and then let the nails completely dry. From there, people can take the loofah, press its material against their nails, and then they can paint over it with the color of their choice. The material of the loofah will guard against the new color, preserving some of the base color, thus allowing people to get the fence-like pattern that looks so hard to reproduce.

Bobby Pin Toe Nail Designs

People like to add a lot of little dots and spots to their toenails. However, in order to do this, people need to use the right tools. Painting on these little dots can be surprisingly difficult with the aid of a nail polish brush. In many cases, the little dots are just going to smear. People can apply perfect little dots using bobby pins.

Obviously, people are going to need a primary layer of dried nail polish first, although some people might want to apply these spots to their bare nails for the sake of some minimalist nail art. From there, they can just dab on their nail color of choice using the padded tips of a bobby pin. The padded bobby pin tips are soft and smooth enough to create spots of the right shape. People can create everything from spotted leopard patterns to black and white dalmatian patterns using bobby pins.

Sponge Toe Nail Designs

Lots of people will look at nail gradients and they’ll wonder how the manicurist was ever able to get that done. One way of creating a nice and somewhat asymmetrical but still patterned gradient involves using a sponge. People essentially apply their nail polish in the normal way. Before the nail polish dries, they can then apply the sponge to the nails, pressing it into them. From there, the polish should manage to scatter somewhat, and the uneven terrain of the sponge should manage to create a gradient, depending upon where the sponge is placed.

There are lots of easy toenail designs that people can find today. Many of them are going to be just the sort of toenail designs that are going to be genuinely difficult for people to have independently come up with on their own. People figured out these designs through bursts of inspiration or through a great deal of experimentation on their own, since they rely on people coming up with new uses for commonplace items. Loofahs, bobby pins, and sponges are unlikely nail art tools, but they have managed to work very well in that regard nonetheless.

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