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5 Best Professional Electric Nail File Systems

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Getting your nails done right is a chore that most would rather avoid doing themselves. That is now as the prices for Nail filing systems are now lower than ever. Now owning your own nail filing system is within the budget of everyone. Today you will be presented with a selection of 5 of the best. From them, you can choose the one that fits your location, home or spa/salon. You will see all of them fit into the home or pro category. So without any more delay lets take a look at 5 of the best nail file systems you can get online.

The Best Electric Nail Files

Our list of the best electric nail files was created to help you make an informed decision about your next professional purchase. If you are a beginner or a professional nail tech this list of nail files will help you to decide what to buy. Electric nail files vary from price and quality. If quality is what you require in an electric nail file then you will have to pay more in price.

  • Medicool's MED2191 Turbo File

    • 92 Reviews
  • Price : $62
    Average Price
  • Weight: 1.7 Pound(s)
  • Model Number: MED2191
    Model Number

    • 112 Reviews
  • Price : $35
    Average Price
  • Weight: 2 Pound(s)
  • Model Number: 6400A
    Model Number
  • Medicool Pro Power 35k

    • 41 Reviews
  • Price : $233
    Average Price
  • Weight: 3 Pound(s)
  • Model Number: 036765244328
    Model Number
  • Medicool 520 Professional

    • 41 Reviews
  • Price : $115
    Average Price
  • Weight: 1.8 Pound(s)
  • Model Number: 520
    Model Number
  • Vogue Professional 6000

    • 41 Reviews
  • Price : $60
    Average Price
  • Weight: 1.7 Pound(s)
  • Model Number: 6707
    Model Number

Professional Electric Nail File System Reviews

Medicools Med2191 Turbo Electric Nail File

1.) Medicool’s MED2191 Turbo File 2 Professional Electric Nail Filing System

When you just have to get the job done right, you need turbo power and Medicool’s nail filing system is made to do just that. You receive 20,000 RPM of spinning and grinding power that helps shape natural and artificial nails quickly and smoothly with no chipping. With a variable speed control, you decide the what speed, you need to properly shape and finish nails to the way you want. This all makes the Turbo File 2 perfect for Manicure or Pedicure work.

You get it all in one compact package that makes your work look great and leave nails looking flawless and beautiful.

You also receive:

  • | 92 Customer Reviews
  • Powerful & quiet high-speed motor
  • No vibration
  • Lightweight hand piece
  • Accommodates all 3/32 bits

Unit works well in salons as well as home. However, it is felt the unit is a little light for heavy usage that a salon puts on a nail electric nail file system. The variable speed control is a big plus as well as the bit size selection.

Overall, this filing system gets a 3.6 rating out of 5, as the unit is a good general-purpose machine if you are not going to run it 8 hours a day in a salon or spa. it is felt that this model is best for the home and personal use.

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Vogue Professional Salon Nail Drill File


Vogue Professional puts out a nice line of nail filing systems and the model 6400 can fit into most salon or home use. It features a variable speed control that goes from 2,000 to 18,000 RPM, which is suitable for the types of nails you are finishing or shaping. This model comes complete with a variety of different tips to make your work easy and the final product look its best.

Perfect for use on Gels and Acrylics to buff and shape them.

It also includes:

  • | 112 Customer Reviews
  • 5 Diamond Bits
  • 5 sanding bands
  • 1 pc Mandrel
  • 3/32-bit size
  • AC 110V, UL Plug
  • Warranty

So here, you have a great nail filing system that does what your want and flexible to handle the various kinds of nail types you’ll be dealing with.

Vogue has a good reputation and this electric nail file system shows why. Most of the owners swear by it and this review was happy with the results in testing the unit. There were some who had failures with it. The lack of a clear guide for those not in the know about the art of manicure force a reduction from 5 stars to 4.2 as it is felt that a home/professional nail care product should have instruction on how to get the most out the device. On the whole, however, it is a good little filing system that if used properly can work well in a spa/salon or home environment.

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3.) Medicool Pro Power 35k Professional Electric File

We are now getting into some serious nail care with Medicool’s next entry. This is the Pro version and it has similar features to the previous Medicool we talked about earlier. This model is a step up, however. It is designed to be clipped to the belt of a stylist for ease of carrying and is battery powered with 30,000 RPM with a 10-hour battery life. This model is designed with the professional in mind who needs precision in their Mani/Pedicure work.

It also features:

  • | 8 Customer Reviews
  • High Torque
  • Variable Speed
  • Locking chuck
  • Easy of bit change
  • Quiet operation
  • 1-year/ optional 2-year warranty

This one is made for the salon and spa work and gives you excellent results. One of this reviewer’s favorites when it comes to nail file systems. It also is portable and lets you work in the best position to get the work done efficiently. The unit’s portability is its main selling feature to go along with its 30,000-RPM speed, which can cut and shape any of the composites out there. The 10-hour battery life means it can go a whole shift without recharging (hough I would have a charging station set up). This the perfect nail-finishing tool to be used in a multibay establishment as the stylist move about instead of the customer, which means a better run spa or salon. So this little beauty rates 4.6 stars in this reviewers eyes.

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Medicool 520 Professional Electric Nail Filing System

4.) Medicool 520 Professional Electric Nail Filing System

A bit of a step down from the Medicool Pro, this is a little less expensive version of the same product that sacrifices some speed and is a base mounted unit instead of a portable. However, that does not mean a step down in quality and reliability. This nail file can be used in a salon spa environment and is inexpensive enough for home use as well. It has variable speed control and that provides precision work and safety when working on delicate fingers and cuticles.

It is lightweight and handles easily with almost silent operation.

It also comes with:

  • | 26 Customer Reviews
  • 2 free bits and free instructional DVD
  • Fits standard 3/32 inches bits with twist locking chuck
  • PowerStation

You can have professional nail care in the salon, spa, and the home as well with the Medicool 520 Professional.

While this model isn’t as portable as the Medicool 793. This base station version is a great electric nail file and it gets the job done right the first time. It has variable speed control and 20,000 RPM and it comes with bits and a DVD that shows you how to get the most out of it. So this little gem rates 4.5 in this reviewer’s book for its ergonomics and ease of operation.

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Vogue 6000 Professional Salon Nail Drill File

5.) Vogue Professional 6000

Once again from Vogue we have another model of their line of nail filing systems in this case we have the 6000/6700 series which is a 35,000 RPM nail filing system that does your nails with panache and style. It has variable speed control for getting your nailwork done efficiently and quick with the right amount of speed to do the trick. It has a foot pedal control to leave you hands free to do other things. It also include 5 diamond bits that will go through Acrylic nails as quick as you please without nicks or chipping.

This model also has:

  • | 9 Customer Reviews
  • 3/32 compatibility
  • Twist-lock bit insertion
  • Forward Reverse control as well

You now have a nail filing system for spa, salon, student, and home use that does it all. Fast efficient and it is slim and lightweight.

Nice design and could be used in a salon or spa. Though it is felt the unit is more suited for the spa rather than home use. But as a Spa/salon bay addition to the compliment of beauty devices therein, it should prove more than adequate for all nail work. The variable speed and 35,000 RPM see to that. The users for the most part are happy and this reviewer will grant the Vogue a 4.2 stars as the unit and its accompanying foot pedal is just what the doctor order for salon and spa nail work.

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In Conclusion

You’ve seen a nice assortment of Nail filing systems that are all suitable for Acrylic, gel, and other types of nail work you might want to do in your home, the spa, and salon. Each has its strengths and few failings. So you must choose based on the type of work you want to do on your nails and the venue, whether home or professional, and finally your budget. If you take into account these thee items you’ll be able to choose the right Nail file system you want, need, and your budget can handle. With that final remark, I bid you adieu.

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